Go West!

Welcome to Travels with Jonah.

This blog is part of an ongoing, evolving project that began with a cross-country trip I took with poet Amanda Warren in May of 2013. The entries were originally dedicated to my thoughts about aspects of America and personal identity and were also intended to document the trip in real time.

Years have passed since I began this project. It was meant to culminate in a book, and I hope it still will.

The blog evolved, too. It deals with American and personal identity, but it became more about my personal travels through space, place and time. It is about writing nonfiction and finding my voice as a writer and as a human being.

To learn more about the original concept for the project, please see my first post, I think I found it! America!

Is this America?

This blog is now a legacy blog. You can find more of my writing at

Thanks for reading.