Thursday, March 13, 2014

See The USA: Travels With Jonah Two Years On

Four Corners

Well, hello.

It's been almost a year since I last posted, and nearly two years since the Travels with Jonah project began.

When I first set out to crowd-fund the project I had planned to produce, with your help, after a two week journey across the United States, a set of essays that spoke to the question, "What are Americans like today?" I planned to finish the essays in about a year.

I'm the first to admit:  I was naive about the project and its scope. What I thought would be simple, was very complex, and the project began to change the very moment the journey started.

Over the last couple of years I have experienced many conflicting emotions about the journey and the project I had proposed. What came of it was a rich experience, a ton of writing material, and an insatiable desire to "keep heading West."

Since returning home, I've been working on essays and literary pieces related to this project. The trip was not what I had expected. What came of it was different than my original intention. That's life. That's art. That is what is.

Though I have continued to work with the material I gathered, I felt that the Kickstarter portion of the project was never finished. I promised some folks the reward of an ebook. So, I made one. It should arrive via email today for those who have been expecting it.

Thanks, everyone, for all the support, encouragement, and kicks in the pants.